Completed Projects

Over the last 20 years we have developed more than 100 high quality, purpose-built industrial units of all sizes, from small 650 sq ft premises to huge showrooms of more than 20,000 sq ft.

Residential Projects

We completed our first residential build in 2022. We designed and built eight apartments, which we have kept in our portfolio, available on the rental market.

Commercial & Industrial Projects

We have designed and built nine of our own business parks that a wide range of businesses have chosen to trade out of, from heating engineers to marine businesses, and everything in-between.

Our developments are popular with both owner-occupiers and property investors seeking commercial units of the highest quality.

As well as our business parks we have also developed a number of Bespoke Buildings which are one-off projects for clients.

Plympton, Plymouth

Langage South Business Park

19 Units
750-15,000 SQFT
Compton, Plymouth

Compton Court Apartments

8 Units
6500 SQFT
Yelverton, Plymouth

Yelverton Business Park

6 Units
1,000-4,000 SQFT
Plympton, Plymouth

Reynolds Park

22 Units
650 - 3,000 SQFT
Estover, Plymouth

Sisna Park

40 Units
1,000 - 15,000 SQFT
Derriford, Plymouth

Seaton Park

9 Units
2,000 - 4,000 SQFT
Estover, Plymouth

Darklake Park

20 Units
650 - 4,000 SQFT
Plympton, Plymouth

Joshua Park

8 Units
1,000 - 4,000 SQFT
Torpoint, Cornwall

Dolphin Court

5 Units
1,000 - 5,000 SQFT
Roborough, Plymouth

Tamerton Business Park

4 Units
850 - 5,000 SQFT